Our Christmas menù

For a merry christmas


Corn porridge (polenta) with blue cheese and mushrooms

€ 10,00

Fish and seafood stew with tomatoe base and garlic bread

€ 12,00

Homesmoked salmon with rye bread and sprayed whisky

€ 10,00

First course

Meat ravioli with chicken and beef stock

€ 14,00

Homemade noodle with wine stewed duck

€ 15,00

Worm-shape egg pasta with stewed fish ragout

€ 15,00

Risotto with beetroot, basil pesto and blue cheese

€ 13,00

Main course

Jar of different boiled meats: cotechino (pork skin salami), beef tongue and muscles, lentils, potatoes purè and horseradish

€ 18,00

Beef filet with besciamelle sauce and mushrooms

€ 17,00

Lamb ribs, low temperature cooked, with berries and white wine and mint sauce

€ 17,00

Scrumbled codfish with potatoes, basil, olives and fresh corn porridge

€ 15,00

Monkfish with creamy mushrooms and dill sauce

€ 18,00


€ 4,00

Dessert, choosen from the cart

€ 5,00

Mix of dessert, choose from the cart

€ 7,00

The products are prepared by hand, without the addition of preservatives, and each single portion is weighed and packed according to the procedures required by current regulations (REG. CE 852/04).