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Gourmet Pizzas

Thick gourmet pizza with 3 phases leavening

All kind of pizzas are made with seasonal ingredients, in order to guarantee fresh and high quality products.


homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella,olive oil, basil


Parma ham
seasoned raw prosciutto, mozzarella, dried cherry tomatoes


Spanish anchovies, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, oil, oregano

spicy spreadable salami, fresh thyme, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella


local fresh sausage, parmesan 36 month-old, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, rosemary


Pork cheek fat, salty zabaione sauce, sheep cheese, black pepper /mozzarella



Meat is evil
egg, pumpkin, rosemary and Roquefort cheese /mozzarella


Noblesse oblige
cCreamy cheese, saffron powder, Vitelotte potatoes, confit tomatoes /mozzarella


sausages, Parmesan cheese 36 month-old, Lambrusco wine sauce /pumpkin sauce, mozzarella


Woodsy smell
mushrooms (as available), smoked raw ham, sprayed pine grappa /mozzarella


Toasted & smoked
smoked beef, nuts, ricotta cheese and coffee powder /mozzarella


fresh yellowfin tuna, red onions, olives, fresh thyme, /tomatoes, mozzarella


spanish anchovies, dry plums, onion, fresh mascarpone, sichuan pepper/mozzarella


Gourmet Pizza Offer!

1 pizza among the listed below, 1 beverage, 1 cover – all included

€ 18,00

Gourmet Pizza Tasting EVENT

1 slice of each pizzas listed below beverages and cover, not included

€ 14,00

What’s the difference?

Our pizza is the result of a patient dough process, that is marked by a 3 phases leavening, that makes the pizza dough more light and digestible.

First phase, the main leavening is realized with water, yeast, salt and handcrafted flours.
Second phase, the dough is divided into small portions of almost 200gr, those are going to leaven for 2 hours in 4°C cellar
Finally, 30min before the service, the doughs are stretched and spread by hands, and they will rest in the leavening machine at 40°C with a lot of humidity.

Top quality and seasonal ingredients. Our main rules are: no tin can, no industrial sauce, no second choice goods; because the real flavours are in the real fresh products.

Our pizza list keeps on changing every season, following the freshness of ingredients, looking for new flavour combinations, being confident that the ability to dare is always going to payback.

Gourmet Pizza is a ‘Fine dining pizza’, that you need to taste while relaxing and chilling out. It’s not junk or fast-food

You need to know:

Our TOMATOES SAUCE is homemade using fresh tomatoes, cooked in the oven with veggie and herbs.

MEATS and FISHES are furnished fresh every week, processed fresh and put under vacuum in a 4°C cellar.

Our CURED MEATS are gluten and lactose free, even if they are prepared with the traditional recipe.

FISHES, if not immediately consumed, are saved under vacuum or deep frozen, after being clean and portioned.

Every dish is fresh cooked and basically cooked on demand with top quality ingredients.

The products are prepared by hand, without the addition of preservatives, and each single portion is weighed and packed according to the procedures required by current regulations (REG. CE 852/04).


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On saturday and sunday, the restaurant is open just under reservation for groups.


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