Gourmet Pizza Tasting

Why choosing if you can get them all?

Winter garden
Winter-purple radicchio, pumpkin, onions /blended mushrooms, mozzarella

Cheeses: taleggio, blue, sheep-pecorino, fresh artichokes, mint /mozzarella

Salted zabaione, deep-fried pork fat, parmesan, rosmary /mozzarella

St. Anthony
Skin-pork salami, stewed leek, parmesan, horseradisch cream /tomato, mozzarella

Spreadable chili salami, pepperoni salami, spicy habanero and garlic oil, onion /mozzarella

Octopus, olives, dry tomatoes, baked olives, smoked paprika/blended-smashed potatoes mozzarella

Homesmoked salmon, creamy mozzarella, dill oil /blended beetroot, mozzarella

€ 14,00 a pax

(service, beverages and desser non included)

Tasting night of all our gourmet pizzas: 3 phases leaveving! You will have a slice of every kind of our pizzas! You won’t regret!