Gourmet Pizza Tasting

Why choosing if you can get them all?

Noblesse oblige
Creamy cheese, saffron powder, Vitelotte potatoes, confit tomatoes /mozzarella

Meat is evil
Egg, pumpkin, rosemary and Roquefort cheese /mozzarella

Polpo*, olive nere al forno, timo fresco /crema di patate e rape, fiordilatte/

Spanish anchovies, dry plums, onion, fresh mascarpone, sichuan pepper/mozzarella

Sausages, Parmesan cheese 36 month-old, Lambrusco wine sauce /pumpkin sauce, mozzarella/

Woodsy smell
Mushrooms* (as available), smoked raw ham, sprayed pine grappa /mozzarella

Toasted & smoked
Smoked beef, nuts, ricotta cheese and coffee powder /mozzarella

€ 12,00 a pax

(service, beverages and desser non included)

Tasting night of all our gourmet pizzas: 3 phases leaveving! You will have a slice of every kind of our pizzas! You won’t regret!